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Terms of Service

BookishB Editing & Author Services



1. Acceptance of Service Agreement

1.1    Contracting the services of BookishB implies acknowledgment and acceptance of the company's service agreement as detailed in this document.


 2. Rights and Confidentiality

2.1    The copyright, together with all publishing rights, in the Work, shall remain the property of the Author. BookishB acquires no rights of ownership to the Work under this agreement.


2.2    This project and any information, whether oral or written, disclosed by the Client will be kept confidential at all times.


3. Delivery of Work

3.1   The Author will complete all payments for services selected in advance and will deliver the Work in .doc or .docx format by email to


3.2 BookishB sets appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. You must return the editing agreement and pay a deposit to BookishB to secure your spot.


4. Payments & Refunds

4.1    For all editing bookings with BookishB, a *refundable deposit is required to secure an editing date.


4.2    Payment for all services must be paid by PayPal in advance of the completed edit.


4.3    All payments made by the Author to BookishB are refundable until the date the Author delivers the Work to BookishB or the date of commencement of the selected services. After BookishB has commenced any services, all fees are non-refundable.


4.4   Invoices are payable within 48 hours. A late-fee rate of 5 percent per week of the total invoice fee will start on the third day the invoice is not paid. No interest is due if payment is made by the third day.


5. Indemnity

5.1    BookishB in no way condones breaches of copyright or plagiarism and has no responsibility for detecting or reporting plagiarized material. While BookishB will make every effort to bring such material to the attention of the Author, the Author agrees to indemnify BookishB from any and all claims, including legal fees, arising out of any alleged defamation or copyright infringement committed by the Author in creating the work.


6. Termination of Agreement

6.1    Either party has the authority to terminate the Agreement at any time, without cause, by giving the other party five (5) days written notice.


6.2  If a minimum of five (5) days notice is given by the client, the deposit will be refunded in full. Failure to provide five (5) days notice will incur a *cancellation fee of $50USD. This fee will be claimed by BookishB from the booking deposit.


6.3.  Upon cancellation, BookishB has the right to book a new edit in the cancelled scheduled date.


7. Requests for Re-editing

7.1    Clients agree to resolve any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding the quality of their completed editorial services by formally submitting a written request for a re-edit. This request for a re-edit must specifically outline all questions, concerns, and/or possible editorial errors or omissions so that BookishB may clearly address, respond and/or correct the areas of concern on the Client's behalf as quickly and professionally as possible.


7.2 Clients' request for a review and re-edit applies only to their original text and will be edited according to their original written instructions. Corrections consist of any grammar, spelling, punctuation, editorial changes, or possible mistakes within the final edited work returned to the client by BookishB. Thus, it does not include any additional re-editing, changes, additions, or alterations made by the Author/Client after delivery of services. (That would create a new document and require a new editing project to be ordered.) 


8. Submitting Manuscripts

8.1   Clients agree to receive an invoice based on the first two chapters of their manuscript once the editing process has begun.


8.2    In the event that the client does not submit a two-chapter sample, and a previous quote has been provided by BookishB, once the client's ms has been submitted, BookishB reserves the right to adjust the final date as assessed by editing needs.


8.3   The client reserves the right to terminate the agreement once BookishB has made initial contact identifying the date change. In this event, BookishB will return the unedited manuscript back to the Author.


8.4 All new clients to BookishB must secure a paid sample edit prior to submitting their complete manuscript on their scheduled date, unless previously discussed to not do so.  


8.5  When submitting your manuscript to BookishB, it is essential for clients to monitor emails closely. We are under obligation to reach out to clients should we foresee an issue with your manuscript. Failure to respond as a matter of urgency to our correspondence will, unfortunately, result in a delay and impact your editor's schedule. It is best if clients add BookishB on a social media platform to have quicker correspondence.

8.6 All manuscripts are to be delivered on the Sunday before their scheduled start date. Failure to send the manuscript on the Sunday before the scheduled start day could delay the editing process and result in delayed completion time.  All scheduled edits are subject to Rush Service fees if delivered later than 48 hours from the agreed-upon date, and are subject to re-scheduling or cancellation if later than 36 hours.

9. Editing

9.1   Editing services are either comprehensive, proofreading, or basic error check services, encompassing most typical aspects of the editing process as outlined.


10. Acknowledgement

10.1   The Author agrees to acknowledge the editing work, in their online and printed published work, of BookishB. "Editing by Brittany of BookishB". An affiliate link on Amazon and/or your website is appreciated.


11. Author's Responsibility

11.1 BookishB will do everything it can to get manuscripts corrected and ready for publication as quickly and accurately as possible.  However, please note that careful proofreading and comprehensive editing from BookishB, is solely the Author's responsibility for completeness and accuracy, all editing errors are the ultimate responsibility of the Author.

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